The 2.0

499 photoI quit my corporate job. We bought a house. We got engaged. I blame most of it on Burning Man and turning thirty. I also blame it on a tenacious thing called time, with it’s ever present ticking, tricking me into doing crazy things, like sign papers.

But here we are and where does that leave The Art Yard? In a better place than ever! In fact in a new rendition, the 2.0!  As in, you know that little grey house it lived in? Well forget that! The 2.0 will be on 13th street, juxtaposed between Japantown and Downtown which is perfect since we haunt both. The new house has more than one bedroom! Three to be exact, two of which will soon be filled with resident artists.

There is an unfinished attic ready to be converted to a studio and a small garage begging to be a workshop. There are also fences perfect for hanging art and a large living room dying to be filled with Burners. Also a basement…can you say ‘Speakeasy’ *wink*

Now for packing, priming, refinishing, and posting. Welcome to The Art Yard, we’ve been waiting for you.


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