As The Art Yard grows and changes, through projects and events we strive to adhere to our core principles. Life, art, and community are an ever fluctuating concept, but with steadfast principles we hope to create something unique in our city and eventually the world. Please visit these concepts and pause to reflect on their purpose in your own artistic endeavors.

The Five Principles:

We honor the Earth: The Art Yard is committed to using recycled and sustainable materials. Our projects make use of naturally occurring vegetation, and we strive to create organically. Destruction and creation are vital processes and two sides of the same coin, however we are also conscious of our ecological impact and strive to leave every location better than how we found it.

We respect others: The Art Yard is an inclusive location and strives to reach out to all genders, races, ages, and abilities. We believe through art there can come understanding and support active listening among the community. From emergent to veteran artists, from all corners of the Earth you are welcome in this space.

We value self-reliance: The Art Yard is dedicated to the concept of self-reliance and self-actualization. We honor the narratives of others but also understand that to free others, you must first free yourself. We encourage self exploration but also encourage all participants to bring dedication to the table. The relationship between artist and viewer, or activist and cause can only be fostered through consistency and reliability.

We build community: The Art Yard values the community of Japantown, San Jose, the Bay Area and beyond. We are sensitive to the voices of the youth, our peers, and the leaders of the community. We strive to make a positive impact and build up others through acts of charity.

We focus on the journey: The Art Yard values the journey not the destination and honors each individual’s path. No two people, times, or places are the same. We are dedicated to living in the now, focusing on the present, and valuing immediacy.







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